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Capital Lender, his green fellow has a national reputation, partly thanks to the large number of pubs that we have all seen on television in recent years, mostly humorous and offbeat. Capital Lender is a credit expert, the latter offers several types of credit:

  • Vehicle
  • Works
  • Treasury
  • Immovable
  • Credit consolidation

To simplify your life, here is how to perform a Capital Lender credit simulation quickly, the goal of the approach is to give you a result to allow you to get an idea of ​​the rate and the monthly payment corresponding to the desired credit. This will also allow you, and above all, to be able to compare with the same options, other credit organizations such as Across Lender or Spin Lender. 

Here is the procedure to follow to carry out a credit simulation:

Here is the procedure to follow to carry out a credit simulation:

Step 1 : To start, go to Capital Lender.

Step 2 : Everything is happening for the moment on the right side of the site under the title ” Your simulation in three clicks “, you will have to complete the three steps to have a simulation of the desired credit. The three stages are: ” Your project, amount, monthly payment, or duration “.

Step 3 : Indicate the nature of your project in the drop-down list opposite number 1. It is possible that another drop-down list will appear to clarify more clearly the reason for your loan request. Fill it before going to the next step.

Step4 : Then indicate the amount you want to borrow (opposite number 2) using the green bar.

Step 5 : To complete the credit simulation request, please indicate the desired monthly payment or the loan repayment period. When you select one of the two possibilities, the second bar is in automatic mode, there is no point in setting the amount and the duration…

Step 6 : Click on the green “ SIMULATE ” icon

Step 7 : You arrive on a new page (see image below) with the summary of the loan requested. Two new pieces of information appear, the fixed annual TEG and the total cost of the loan. These two pieces of information are essential if you want to compare reimbursement rates with other organizations.

You can now leave the page or print it to keep track of this simulation. If the results obtained thanks to the credit simulation suit you.

For any additional questions you can always consult the credit guide online.

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