Consumer credit: The private personal loan.

Insurance company offers various loans

Insurance company offers various loans

Lite Lender Company is an insurance company that provides, among other things, borrower insurance. It has taken an additional step since it now offers various loans, including a personal loan.

It is therefore possible to borrow from this insurance, we also wrote and put online some time ago an article whose theme was the mortgage of Lite Lender Company.

The Private personal loan is a consumer credit that can be described as classic since it is not a revolving credit.

  • The amount of this loan depends on the financing need : i.e. the cost of the purchase minus any personal contribution (Lite Lender Company does not impose any contribution therefore the amount of the credit can be equal to the value of the desired property)
  • Repayment is made by direct debit from the borrower’s bank account every month on a fixed date.
  • The interest rate: It is fixed at the start in the contract, it is fixed and cannot in any case change.
  • It is not possible to finance small purchases with Private since the financing cannot be less than 1500 euros.
  • Duration of repayment: Must be within the range of one to ten years.
  • It can finance any consumer good as well as leisure (holidays, travel)

How to take out a Private loan?

How to take out a Private loan?

If you are already an Lite Lender Company customer: Connect to its secure site, identify yourself with your codes (username and password). And make your personal loan request online, or send a request for information message, the answer will be sent to you by email.

If you have no Lite Lender Company contract: Contact the agency closest to you and make an appointment with an advisor.


Certainly, the interest rates on Private loans are reasonable, but to optimize your financing ask for simulations from other financial organizations and compare. This may allow you to save each month (in proportion to the amount borrowed)

Lite Lender Company may suggest that you take out borrower insurance to cover the loan in the event of death or serious disability. You can take out such insurance knowing that it is not compulsory.

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