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Patty Judge

Patty Judge is a lifelong Iowan, a farmer, and a dedicated public servant running for the U.S. Senate. Patty believes we need to break the obstruction and gridlock in Washington promoted by Chuck Grassley and start working on what matters – giving working families a fair shot to get ahead.

Patty's Stance

On the Issues

Patty Judge is running for the U.S. Senate because Washington isn't working. She believes we need to break the gridlock that has prevented action on a number of issues that would strengthen working families here in Iowa and give everyone a fair shot at getting ahead.

Instead of standing up for Iowa, Chuck Grassley has become part of the problem in Washington. He has been the face of obstruction on filling the Supreme Court vacancy and he has become part of the culture in Washington that chooses gridlock over progress.

As she has throughout her entire life, Patty will work to build new opportunities for her neighbors here in Iowa. She'll work to increase wages, build new economic opportunities in rural Iowa, reduce the cost of education, and strengthen Social Security for future generations.